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Development of Compressible Portable Solar Refrigerator

The idea was to build an alternative for refrigerator and to provide refrigeration effect. A miniature prototype of thermoelectric cooling system for a conventional refrigerator to provide refrigeration was built. The system was targeted as a refrigerator and temperature of the cooled air should be lowered 20 degree Celsius from ambient temperature. Secondary objective was design of a DC power supply and a temperature controller circuit. It involves the development of a suitable cooling module designed with a refrigerator to cool the surrounding air. This cooling system needed to be powered up by a DC power supply, which is designed or using a suitable off-shelf power supply. The idea of refrigeration is based on Peltier effect, as when a dc current flows through TE modules it generates a heat transfer and temperature difference across the ceramic substrates causing one side of the module to be cold and the other side to be hot. The analysis shows that for the prevalent conditions in Eliath, the compressor less refrigerator is significantly more economical to own and operate then the conventional refrigerator. In spite of a slightly higher initial cost, the thermoelectric refrigerator proves to be more economical, mainly due to its significantly lower operating cost exchanger.