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Combined Pedal Mechanism for Braking & Acceleration

The present paper deals with design, construction and working of combined pedal mechanism for braking and acceleration. This new mechanism is designed in such a way that it can be used in any type of automotive vehicle. The conventional automotives has 3 pedals a clutch, brake, and accelerator pedal and the driver has to operate brake pedal and accelerator pedal with his right foot. In emergency there is a possibility of driver pressing a wrong pedal or he/she may take more time in switching his/her leg and this may lead to fatal accidents. To solve this problem, a new brake pedal and accelerator system is designed. Then a prototype has been prepared which confirms the required mechanism and finally tested for its working. Therefore, it gives an optimized design for new combined pedal mechanism. Hopefully this project will help everyone to understand how implemented mechanism works more efficiently, which can help to reduce the accident that may happen in each day. Keywords - Brake, Accelerator