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Performance Enhancement and Analysis by Reducing Weight of Unsprung Mass of Formula Student Racing Car

This paper is to redesign the unsprung mass of SAE SUPRA vehicle with a primary focus on reducing the weight of overall assembly. The design of the wheel assembly is critical due to the forces acting on the wheel assembly during accelerating, braking, cornering and tilting. Furthermore, the Wheel Assembly is an important part of an automobile and its failure is hazardous endangering human life. Therefore it is required to design the Wheel Assembly and its components considering all the factors leading to the failure by developing a safe design. It must also be noted, the components should be designed in such a way that they have a minimum weight at the same time care must be taken that they do not cross a certain limit of stress value. In this study, the design of the Wheel Assembly for R10 Rims has been presented. The weight of the Vehicle is considered to be 300 kg along with the driver. The forces acting on the components, the failure criteria is illustrated. The study deals with finding out the dimensions of the individual components and also detecting the probable regions of stress concentration. The main objective is to redesign and reduce the unsprung weight by 30% compared to 2017 model by the team. The design procedure follows all the rules laid down by FSAE Rule Book for Formula Type Cars. Keywords - Unsprung Mass, Reducing Weight, Wheel Assembly, SAE SUPRA, FSAE