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Improving the Machine Utilization in a Feed Pump Assembly through a Modified Machine Fixture

This report focuses on the implementation of fixture interchange concept for the two types of feedpump. The scope of the project was to accommodate two fixtures and operating the line by changeovers. Because of this, a manually operated line will be eliminated for better utilization of the machine. This will also lead to space optimization and will reduce Every Part Every Interval(EPEI) of the product. Value stream mapping was used to find the problem and solved by having a flexible fixture and flexible fixture plate. By implementing the fixture changeover for the two assembly lines, it was found that the utilization of aluminium feedpump assembly was 16% and that of cast iron feedpump assembly was 41% before the project was taken and by combining the two assembly lines, the machine utilization is estimated to increase up to 57%. Keywords - Value stream mapping, EPEI, fixture interchange, line elimination.