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Design of Regenerative Brake Test Rig

This paper discusses about design of regenerative brake test rig for three-wheeler with the use of kinetic energy recovery principle. Paper also discusses in detail about steps carried out in designing test rig. This paper is divided into three parts designs of flywheel, coupling device and cone clutch. Flywheel is used for kinetic energy recovery since it has long life and high energy density as well as maximum power output. For flywheel design new electric power train vehicle standards are used. For transmission of power from motor to rear axle chain drive is used since it has positive drive and higher efficiency. For engagement and disengagement of flywheel cone clutch is used. After theoretical design calculations all the results are cross checkedand give proposed test setup. Keywords - Regenerative Braking, Flywheel, Kinetic Energy Recovery System, Chain Drive, Cone Clutch