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Study on Acoustic Pressure Fluctuations in Solid Rocket Motor and its Effects on Thick Wall

The divergent location Xs for three different values i.e., 0.03, 0.06, and 0.09 m is studied in Sanal et al [1]. In this paper, the same Xs is used to study the steady state dynamics of solid rocket motor (SRM). The acoustic pressure analysis in SRM for different Xs in a range of frequency (1- 4000 Hz) without impedance and volumetric drag is done. Then, the effects of pressure fluctuations on the thick wall are discussed. The results are presented with the relevant discussion, and concluding remarks in the later section of this paper. It is also shown that the concept of volumetric dilatation can be replaced by a simple elemental approach in the derivation of the acoustic pressure governing equation. Keywords - Acoustic Pressure, Solid Rocket Motor, Thick Wall.