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Numerical Investigation for Convective based Transient Heat Flux on The Stagnation Point of the Spherical Nose by K and E Type of Coaxial Thermocouple

Transient measurement of surface heating rates is a very important activity for short duration in the many applications in the area of the aerodynamic surface, internal combustion engines, for testing wind tunnel model in impulse facilities etc. The surface heating rate is generally measured from temperature by using calorimetric gauges (like coaxial surface thermocouple and thin film gauge sensor) on the surfaces of aerodynamic application. Coaxial thermocouple can be measured suitably of highly surface heat fluxes due to the response time of this type of sensors are very less (1μs). This type of reusable thermocouple fabricated easily in the house and thus it’s cost effective. By using a proper one-dimensional heat conduction modeling, the surface heat fluxes are estimated from the measured histories of temperature. The purpose of this work is to numerical investigating of transient heat flux on the stagnation point of the spherical nose by using K and E type thermocouple. Keywords - Coaxial Thermocouple, Transient Temperature, Surface Heat Flux, See Beck Effect, CFD Fluent