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Multi-Objective Optimization of Sustainability Parameters for Incoloy 800h Super Alloy in Turning using Combined TOPSIS and AHP Method

Experimental investigation for machinability studies of Nickel based super alloy Incoloy 800H has been carried out with an objective of optimizing the turning input parameters viz. cutting speed, feed and depth of cut. The output responses, cutting force, thrust force, power, specific cutting Pressure, specific energy consumption, surface roughness, micro hardness and tool tip temperature are considered as cost criteria and material removal rateas profit criteria. Analysis of variance is done for the developed regression model of TOPSIS. Combined TOPSIS and AHP method is adopted for the multi-objective optimization process and the obtained machining parameters are 55 m/min cutting speed, 0.06 mm/rev feed and 1 mm depth of cut. Keywords - Dry turning, Incoloy 800H, Orthogonal array, optimization, combined TOPSIS and AHP