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A Study About Operation and Comparation of Al4 Automatic Transaxle in Three Different Automotives and Simulation The Results with Advisor and CARSIM Software

The point of this article is analyzing efficiency of AL4 automatic transaxle gearbox in three custom auto motives as RENAULT DUSTER, PEUGEOT 207, LOGAN and also explanation about the operation of this gearbox and the dynamic simulation of mentioned automobiles in common cycle with CARSIM software and measure fuel consumption staminate in similar terms via ADVISOR software with base of MATLAB software. These vehicles has same gearboxes and also has 1.6 Lit engine. As fuel consumption, acceleration, Grade ability with high velocity is the main considerations in design, so this article considers on efficiency and power of the mentioned auto motives with same engine volumes. results shows a considerable difference in parameters such as acceleration, Grade ability and fuel consumption in a constant cycle from 0.2Lit/100KM to 3.9Lit/100KM. to eliminate this problems and to do an improvement in the operation of vehicles there should be a plan for changing the system of gearbox or replacing vehicle’s transaxle which has low output for reduce the fuel consumption ,total emission increase that caused by acceleration , operating welfare and total age of the components of system . Keywords - AL4 automatic transaxle, CARSIM software, ADVISOR software, measure fuel consumption