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Methodology of Determining Work Parameters of Injector on The Example of the EFIJ-1-3 Injector

Due to increasing restrictions about harmful exhaust gases limits in automotive industry many manufactures conduct research to elaborate methods of emission limitation. On the other hand, natural oil resources are getting smaller every year. To meet both requirements (exhaust gases limits and limited oil resources), engineers and producers try to reduce petrol consumption by engine modifications. The results provide cars with relative small turbocharged engines to keep necessary power with smaller petrol consumption. These engines can be tuning by internal car computer where work parameters are adjusted to best possible performance. In Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) competition students build ultraefficient cars with engines that achieve best possible efficiency. Most important part of ultra-efficient car is engine with injector controlled by ECU(Engine Control Unit) that provide low petrol consumption. Injectors are first in fuel supply system that decides how many petrol is taken from petrol tank and pass to combustion zone. This paper focus on methodology of determining work parameters that can be used to show how EFIJ-1-3 injector works under known parameters. Keywords - Injector, Gasoline Engines, Efficient Cars, Shell Eco-Marathon, Engine Control Unit