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Saving Pure Polypropylene through Mechanical Recycling for Material Value Conservation

Polypropylene has been used in various needs such as packaging, rope, automotive components and so forth. In this case, the polypropylene used as packaging can be recycled. Until now, there is still no evidence of a decrease in recycling strength. This research wanted to know how much the plastic recycling didn’t change significantly through the paradigm of material value conservation. By doing tensile strength and density test also physical changes (color) of polypropylene. In this research, polypropylene recycling was processed once, twice, four times and eight times. There is no different significant value for tensile test and modulus but for elongation value has increased after recycling eight times. For density, value remains the same from one times to eight times recycling. The big changes of this experiment in color changes, more recycled the color become darker. Based on Material Value Conservation paradigm, the functional of plastic packaging from polypropylene still usable in eight times recycling. Keywords- Material value conservation, Plastic packaging, Pellets, Polypropylene