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Using Foot Operated Tap Mechanism to Save Water and Prevent Infection

Due to the lack of water resources and extreme use of potable water, a mechanical system is proposed to prevent infection and decrease water consumption in washing of hands and faces, utensils, ablution and similar operations. This study presents a suitable cost mechanical ways with easy implementation to save water and prevent infection. The proposed methods depends on controlling the water flow valve using legs controlled pedals instead of hands because hands are already busy while washing. This mechanical system is intended to save the cost of power and components and for safety thus, electrical or electronic control is not used. The system design is developed in a way that eases its practical application on the already installed water valves without need to replace these valves entirely. The system is characterized by its simplicity, easy installation and maintenance besides its low effective cost. Keywords - Foot operated faucet, Water saving, Ablution action times.