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Centrifugal Pumps Application Areas and Changes Made in API Related Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps have become very popular because of the recent development in high speed electric motors, steam turbines etc. The centrifugal pumps are used for various applications like boiler feed pump or booster feed pump in energy generation industry, injection or pipeline or process pumps in oil & chemical industry, irrigation or drainage pumps in water industry, marine pumps and pumps for paper industry. API stands for American Petroleum Institute, which is an autonomous body, constituting members from pump industry, consultants, technological licensors and buyers like Shell, Chevron etc. The aim of API body is to improve the MTBF (Mean Time between Failures), which involves improvements in designs of pumps by incorporating changes in various parts of the pump. Keywords - Centrifugal Pumps, API and editions, MTBF