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Corrosion Kinetics of Different Coating on Commercial Iron Pipes

Pipelines are one of the most important transportation systems to a nation’s economy. They are used for transportation of many things from one place to another like drinking water, oil, gases, sewage etc. In other terms, they are used to link the Points of Production to Points of Consumption. But generally with time, pipelines whether buried in the ground, exposed to the atmosphere, or submerged with water corrodes away due to its interaction with the working environment. In this work, corrosion of different coated mild steel pipelines has been investigated at several environmental conditions e.g., in distilled water, salt water solution, acidic solution and alkaline solution. The methods involved in this investigation are Weight Loss Testing method, Optical Microscopy and Wettability measurement through Goniometer. The performance of each coating has been investigated for mild steel in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution, 5% mild acidic solution and 5% mild basic solution via Optical Microscopy, Weight Loss method and change in Contact angle with water indicating corrosion process. Results show that Epoxy coating in distilled water solution, Polypropylene coating in salt and alkaline solution and Polypropylene on Epoxy coating in acidic solution are the best feasible options when compared in terms of cost. It has also been observed that during Wettability test, Contact angle measurement with water increases once substrate is initiated for corrosion indicating more cohesion property of coated sample with water. Keywords - Corrosion ControlManagement (CCM), Water Supply Project, Wettability, Corrosion,