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Integration of Reverse Supply Chain Management With Business Process Reengineering For A Gear Manufacturing Unit

In today’s global economy, effective Supply Chain Management is vital to the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprise as well as service organizations as it directly impacts their ability to meet changing market demands in a timely and cost effective manner. With annual world wide Supply Chain transactions in the trillions of dollars, the potential impact of performance improvements are tremendous. In Reverse Logistics, products are returned or discarded because either they do not function (anymore) properly or their function are no longer needed. We can list them according to the usual supply chain hierarchy; starting with manufacturing, going to distribution until the products reach the customer. Therefore, we differentiate between manufacturing, going to distribution returns and customer returns. So, why they are returning back due to manufacturing problem or due to distribution or due to poor performance. In order to reduce the bulk of returned materials, integration of Reverse Supply Chain Management with Business Process Re-engineering has been recommended.