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The Effect Of Process Parameters On Tig Welding Of Thin Ti-6al-4v Sheets

This study presents the details of investigations pertaining to welding of titanium grade 5 alloys by using TIG welding method. Thin sheets of 1.6 and 2 mm thickness respectively are selected for this study owing to several applications demanding this dimension. Welding current and welding speed are the chosen process parameters. With the help of suitable welding fixtures the shielding gas is supplied for the samples under welding trails. Butt joints with full penetration are achieved paving the way for understanding the effect of selected parameters on grade 5 alloy. Mechanical testing for tensile property evaluations and hardness measurements are performed on welded samples. Owing to the high heat input from the TIG welding process tensile strength recorded is considerably less as compared to its parent metal. Micro hardness is measured along the fusion zone, heat affected zone and base metal. Images are captured by optical micro scope to visualize the effect of heat input to their microstructure.