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Studies on the Composition of the Zooplankton in a Vivekanand Talab in Raipur city (Chhattisgarh)

The composition of the zooplankton population and physio chemical parameters of vivekanand talab in Raipur city was studied during Aug 2017 to Oct 2017. The study was design to estimate zooplankton qualitatively and quantitatively. Collection was taken on monthly basis. The zooplankton community was composed of 37 species of Rotifera, 28 species of Protozoa, 33 Species of Copepada & 12 species of Ostracoda. Although 110 species have been identified at various station in the vivekanand talab. The abundance of zooplankton in the talab follows a sequence of ostracoda < Protozoa < Copepada < Rotifera. Correlation between various physio chemical parameters & zooplankton density was calculated according to karl pearsons formula. Some of the changes in zooplankton population was found associated with monthly changes in physio chemical parameters.