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The Effect of Co2 Concentration on Co2 Capture Performance in a Diameter-Varying Spray Absorption System

Orthogonal experiments were conducted to evaluate the importance of operating parameters and investigate the impact of several key factors on the overall absorption rate in a proposed diameter-varying spray tower system. Range analysis results show that the order of significant factors for the overall absorption rate was CO2 concentration>MEA concentration>liquid flow rate>gas flow rate. The results indicate that CO2 concentration and MEA concentration are key operating parameters that affect the overall absorption rate. Especially for CO2 concentration, a small change of CO2 concentration may cause a significant change in the overall absorption rate. Hence, more efforts should be made to design an efficient CO2 capture system by especially paying attention to adjusting the CO2 concentration. With the given diameter-varying spray tower system, the optimal overall absorption rate can be obtained at 35 wt% MEA concentration, 40 L·h-1 liquid flow rate, 18.6 vol% CO2 concentration and 3 m3·h-1 gas flow rate. According to the trend analysis, the overall absorption rate increased dramatically with the increase of CO2 concentration, which further verified the significance of CO2 concentration on CO2 absorption performance. Keywords- CO2 Absorption, Diameter-varying Spray Tower, Overall Absorption Rate, CO2 Concentration.