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A Study on the Application of Palm Oil Biodiesel on the Combustion and Emission Characteristics Under Idle Condition in a CRDI Engine

This study describes the effects of palm oil biodiesel (PD) blended with diesel on the combustion performance, emission characteristics and soot morphology in a 4-cylinder common-rail direct injection (CRDI) diesel engine. 5 kinds of biodiesel fuels are blended with diesel in 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 100% proportions by volume. The engine is operated on idle speed, 750rpm and load conditions of engine are 0 Nm and 40Nm. Combustion results show that IMEP is increase as increasing blend ratio at high load and is steady at low load. The power is enough to stay idle. But fuel consumption is increased. And Emission results show that the oxygen in fuel has a great influence on the production of exhaust emissions. All emissions are decreased in blend ratio 10%, 20%. EspeciallyNOx is decreased because of high viscosity and low heating values of biodiesel even though combustion is improved by oxygen. But NOx and CO are increased above a certain blend ratio. The sizes of soot are decreased. Biodiesel is a fuel that can provide enough performance to keep the vehicle in terms of power andreducing pollutants. Index terms - Palm Oil Biodiesel, Idle, Combustion, NOx, HC, CO, Soot.