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Entrepreneurial Intention among Indian Graduate Students

This paper aims at studying the entrepreneurial intention among graduate students in India. The research framework of this study is traced from the Ajzen model of Theory of planned behavior. Data collected from the pre-final and final year engineering students from Tamil Nadu, India using a validated questionnaire. A total of 246 students were participated in the study. Regression analysis and Moderation analysis was done. The results of the study show that attitude toward entrepreneurship and perceived behavioral control is significantly predicting entrepreneurial intention among students, however Subjective norm doesn’t significantly predicting entrepreneurial intention. The results of moderation analysis reveals that gender is not a significantly moderator between attitude towards behavior and entrepreneurial intention. Findings of this study help educational institutions and government to understand the present stand of entrepreneurship intention among Indian students and frame adequate polices to support entrepreneurial activity in the country. Keywords - Entrepreneurial Intention, Attitude, Behavioral Control, Graduate Student, India