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Gain Enhancement of Microstrip Patch Antenna using an Electromagnetic Band Gab Structure at 2.4ghz

This paper concerned on enhancement of gain for microstrip patch antenna which air as a substrate by using electromagnetic band gap (EBG) structures at 2.42 GHz. Frequency for 2.42 GHz can be greatly influenced the center frequencies of Wi-Fi band capability. The geometry of a microstrip patch antenna surrounded by a mushroom-like electromagnetic band gap structures. An EBG structures are used to increase the antenna gain and reduce the back-lobe radiations. Besides, we used the air as a substrate of patch antenna which has a low dielectric constant (ε􀭰=1), it is also increase the gain of antenna. The peak gains of E-plane at 2.42 GHz is reached to 14.89 dBi. In addition, the total gain of the antenna was increased to 10.45 dBi. In this research, the antenna measurements are performed by using Zeland (IE3D) simulation software. Keywords- Back-lobe radiations, dielectric constant, microstrip patch antenna, mushroom-like EBG structures, substrate, Wi-Fi band.