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Influence of Compatibilizer and Filler Functionalization on the Nanomechanical Properties of Pp/Mwcnt and Epoxy/Mwcnt Composites

In last decades experimental mechanics gained increasing importance in nano materials characterization. Nano indentation is a new method to characterize material mechanical properties on a very small scale. In this study we investigate structure and nano mechanical properties of two types of nanocomposites – thermosetting (on the base of epoxy resin) and thermoplastic (on the base of polypropylene) filled with multi walled carbon nanotubes. The influence of using of compatibilizer for polypropylene and functionalization of multi walled carbon nanotubes in epoxy resin are analyzed in order to obtain better dispersion of multi walled carbon nanotubes and hence improved nanoindentation hardness and modulus. Keywords - Polypropylene Nanocomposites, Epoxy Nanocomposites, MWCNT, Nanoindentation.