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Investigating the Effect of Ozone on Membrane Filtration by Stepped Pressure Permeability Test

In this study, the permeability properties of the fouling layers on a 0.1 μm pore size cellulose disc filter (Millipore) are presented and discussed using the hindered settling function, R(ϕ), as an indicative permeability parameter. Vacuum filtration tests were conducted using cellulose disc filters to observe the formation of cake layers generated by real secondary effluent (RSE) and ozone pre-treated RSE on the membrane surfaces. Step permeability tests were conducted to physically characterize the deposited fouling layers of raw RSE and ozone pre-treated RSE samples on the cellulose membrane. As the properties of the fouling layer can affect the filtration resistance, the study aims to explore the effect of ozone on changing the properties of fouling layers. It is anticipated this will provide useful information on how ozone helps retain a high permeability of the membrane. Index Terms- Ozone, Cellulose Disc Filter, Hindered Settling Function, Stepped Permeability Test