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Study on Ricochet of Building Debris on Various Media

When a building or magazine is exploded, plenty of building debris are generated. The debris generated due to the explosion flies with high kinetic energy. The shape, size, speed, discharge angle and material of the debris is various. The debris can significantly damage buildings and people. The phenomenon that the debris bounces from the ground is called ricochet. The ricochet increases the moving distance of the debris and can be dangerous. In this study, the behavior of the debris after the ricochet is investigated, depending on the size, material, shape and the impact speed. Also, the behavior after ricocheting from various material. It was found that the behavior after ricochet differs for different material and is dependent of the characteristics of the material. The ricochet speed decreases with the incident angle. Also, the ricochet speed increases with the incident speed. The concrete cube with a steel bar has higher energy loss because it has a bar that creates higher resistance. The safe distance can be more accurate if the ricochet is considered. By estimating the debris distance, the damage to people and buildings from the exploded building can be minimized. Index Terms- Ricochet, Building debris, Sand, Concrete,