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Fabrication of Special Purpose Machine

Machines have a huge impact on the economic pertaining to the productivity of the industry. Presently major concern in industry is to reduce the machinery cost and the space occupied by the machine. If two or more operations can be performed in a single machine, it can reduce the labor cost and increase the productivity of the industry. This is possible with the idea of multi-operation machine. With understanding all the major constrains, a machine which can perform milling, hacksaw, drilling, grinding etc, can be done simultaneously. In this project Hacksaw cutting operation is fabricated with work holding frames. This machine has been developed by adopting the scotch-yoke inversion mechanism. The scotch-yoke mechanism converts the rotary motion into reciprocatory motion and uses this to perform the necessary cutting operation on the both ends. Index Terms - Scotch-Yoke Inversion Mechanism, Special Purpose Machine