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Application of DMAIC to Reduce Gas Leakage from Compressor

A Compressor is a very important component for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) production. Basically the compressor transforms the natural gas into high pressurized CNG which is in future used as fuel for cooking, industrial and transportation purpose. It has been observed major and minor leakages during the production of CNG. So in this report we have tried to apply DMAIC (D- Define, M-Measure, A-Analyse, I-Improve, C-Control) methodology to reduce leakage of gases from compressor. Since implementing full pledged six sigma is a costly and time consuming approach, we can apply DMAIC in this process which can increase the process capability of CNG production and ensuring reduced leakage, thus ensuring better financial return. Keywords - Six Sigma, Black Belt, SIPOC, Pareto Diagram, Fishbone Diagram, Process Capability.