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Temperature Uniformity Analysis Of Heat Spreaders During Heating And Cooling

Vapour chamber (VC) heat spreader can be applied for thermal cycling, consisting of cycles of repeated heating and cooling of reaction. In this paper, temperature uniformity of multiwell heat spreaders fabricated using Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag), Aluminum (Al), and VC were analysed by CFD software. Thermoelectric (TEC) cooler was used as heat sources, and the spreaders were heated firstly from 25°C to 95 °C, using asymmetric single source mode. Secondly, a heating and cooling process (25°C- 95°C- 55°C- 72°C) under a symmetric six heat sources mode was also studied. The results showed that the VC exhibited greater temperature uniformity compared with the other materials because of its high coefficient of heat conduction.