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Simulation Of New Design Muffler To Reduce Noise In Exhaust System Of Si Engine

In this research, a finite element approach is presented for modeling and analysis of expansion type muffler are used often in the modern day’s automotive exhaust system. The component is analyzed by using Pro-Mechanica FEA tool, modal analysis is carried out on the expansion muffler to avoid resonance condition, natural frequency and mode shapes are presented. The design of silencer of SI engine is a key issue to attenuate or emphasize certain spectral components of tailpipe noise. The optimization of complex shape silencer system is generally a time-consuming operation, which must be carried out by means of concurrent experimental measurements and numerical simulations. This paper, aims to reduce exhaust noise produced from the exhaust system of C-12 portable 4-stroke SI engine. Exhaust gases from the engine is high pressure, these gases the noise would be tremendous for this reason, the exhaust gases are made to flow through a muffler, it consists of series of metal plates and tubes with required design aspects. Pressure of the gases is reduced when they pass through an expansion type muffler so that the gases out through tail pipe quietly.