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Design of Prismatic Pressure Vessel with Stiffeners Considering Sloshing Load

In 2012, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) maintained the emissions of Sulphur oxides and Nitric oxide by setting the emission control area and regulations on ship operations. Recently, with the increasing price of the crude oil and consideration of environmental pollution, LNG has gained more importance as a relative economical and environmentally friendly energy. Liquefied Natural Gas is used in propulsion system of ships. Therefore, it is necessary to design the LNG storage tank, which is one of the significant components of LNG fuel supply systems. This paper presents design of prismatic pressure vessel with stiffeners for LNG storage for application in ships. 9% Nickel steel is used for the construction of pressure vessel which having high strength and toughness at relatively low cost. Prismatic pressure vessel consists of stiffeners, beams and flat plated shells. Nowadays with the increasing size of LNG tanks, sloshing load is an important design parameter. For LNG storage tanks on ships, rolling and pitching motion of ship cause the largest sloshing load. Computational fluid dynamics is used for modelling and simulation of the sloshing motion. For static structural analysis of prismatic pressure vessel, Finite element analysis is used. The computational analysis result shows that the prismatic pressure vessel satisfies the design acceptance criteria. Keywords - LNG, Prismatic Pressure Vessel, Stiffeners, Sloshing Load, Finite Element Analysis.