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Effects of Air Temperature on Flow Over NACA 0012 Airfoil Rear Spoiler of a Car

A car at velocity withstands some forces that generate instability due to the positional change in center of gravity. This brings about greater drag and lift forces in which the latter causes the rear wheels to float off the track and hence, instability. To resolve this problem, an addition of a rear spoiler to generate a counter down force is a way among other more complex modification. This work presents the performance characteristics of the rear spoiler designed for a car. The flow with temperature variation over NACA 0012 airfoil profile was simulated using commercial software package with numerical validation. The angles of attack to the profiles were varied from 10 to 50 degrees to the horizontal plane and the simulated velocity of the longitudinal wind were ranging from 40 to 200 km/h (0.2106