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Random Parametric Stability of Axially Moving Viscoelastic Plates Under Nonuniform, Stochastic Edge Tension

This paper investigates the random parametric stability of an axially moving web subjected to a pair of nonuniformly distributed, stochastic edge tension on two opposite, simply-supported edges. The web is modeled as a viscoelastic plate whose const itutive relation obeys the Kelvin- Voigt model, and the edge tension is expressed as the sum of a static tension and a random process with a zero mean. Due to the random edge tension, the moving plate may bring about parametric random instability under certain situations. Numerical results show that an increase in the resultant of the stochastic part of the edge tension will reduce the stable region of the plate, but the distribution form of the stochastic part of the edge tension has a minor effect on the stability of the plate. Index Terms - Axially Moving Viscoelastic Plate, Nonuniform Edge Tension, Stochastic Averaging Method, Random Stability.