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Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Tin (SN) in Gray Cast Iron to Impact Strength Hardness and Microstructure

Alloy elements such as copper, chromium and tin are used in order to prevent some disadvantages of the gray cast irons in recent years. Copper is one of the most used one among them. It is known that copper increase both hardness and tensile strength by increasing perlite ratio in microstructure. Tin on the other hand has similar effects on some mechanical properties of gray cast iron even though the amount is used sparingly. The effects of tin (Sn) on mechanical properties and microstructure of gray cast iron are investigated by adding five different ratios of tin (0.03%, 0.06%, 0.09%, 0.12%, 0.15%). The samples are compared to two reference samples with different chemical compositions. 0.4 % copper (Cu) was added to one of the reference samples. The other reference sample was left without any alloy element additions. Samples were prepared for impact experiments according to dimensions given in ASTM E-23 standard and they were used in Charpy impact test. After impact tests were done, samples were collected and they were examined in respect of microstructure and hardness for their comparison to each other. The highest impact strength value was achieved on the sample that does not have any copper or tin alloys in it as 4.49 J according to the impact test results. The lowest impact strength, on the other hand, was measured as 3.55 J on the sample that contains 0.09% Sn. The impact strength of the 0.4% Cu alloy sample was measured as 4.37 J. The highest hardness value according to the Brinell Hardness Test was measured as 177 HB for the 0.12 tin (Sn) sample. The lowest hardness value was measured as 145 HB for the sample that does not have any Cu or Sn alloys in it. The sample with only copper alloy has a hardness value of 157 HB. Additionally, the lamella type of the samples was detected to be A3 and A4 and the highest perlite ratio was observed in the sample that contains 0.12% tin alloy. The lowest perlite ratio is seen in the sample that does not contain Sn and Cu. Index Terms - Brinell Hardness, Gray Cast Iron, Impact Strength, Microstructure, Tin (Sn),