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Modelling, Implementation and Analysis of the Carvallo-Whipple Bicycle Model in MSC Adams

Despite its age, the Carvallo-Whipple bicycle model is still the benchmark model for bicycle dynamics. To study the effects different bicycle designs have on drivability or stability, it is beneficial to build a computer simulation of the Carvallo-Whipple bicycle model. Thus, this paper presents the implementation of the model in the general purpose simulation software Matlab and the multibody simulation suite MSC Adams. To compare both models the frequency domain behavior and as an extension of the state of the art, the time domain behavior of the MSC Adams model is evaluated. Since it cannot be directly computed by MSC Adams, the frequency domain behavior is computed by time integration and subsequent usage of Matlab’s system identification toolbox. Within a certain range of velocities the multibody Adams model is able to reproduce the time domain behavior of the Matlab model. Index Terms - Bicycle Dynamics, Bicycle Stability, Multibody Modelling