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Impedance Studies on Cathodic Protection Behavior of Zinc-Rich Epoxy Coatings in The Presence of Nanoparticles

The cathodic protection performance of the epoxy zinc rich coatings of steel was evaluated by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS).The clay nanoparticles were added in coatings and the effect of clay content on cathodic protection behaviorwas investigated. Transmission electron microscopy illustrated the separations of clay layers which interacted with epoxy resin. In addition, TEM images showed the dispersion of clay nanosheets between zinc particles in coating matrix. The cathodic protection period and sacrificial properties improved in the presence of clay in coatings. Nyquist diagrams indicated that the addition of 1 wt.-% clay nanosheets enhances the corrosion protection performance of the epoxy zinc-rich coating without decreasing its sacrificial properties after long exposure times Keywords - Epoxy coatings, Zinc rich, Impedance, Cathodic protection, Clay.