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Preparation and Characteristics of Nanostructured Alsicmetal Matrix Composites

Nanostructured AlSiCmetal matrix composite was prepared and its corrosion and wear properties were investigated. Nano-composites were produced by accumulative roll bonding process andpolarization, micro-hardness and surface methods were used. The surface of nanocomposites was uniform and no irregularity was observed. During the corrosion tests, the increase in the ARB cycles lead to enhancing in corrosion resistance and decreasing in the number of pits and therefore, increasing in pitting corrosion resistance. According to the SEM micrograph, by increasing the ARB cycles, the SiC particle size became less than 100 mm. The micro-hardness of ARB processed nanostructured Al–SiC composite is larger than pure aluminum. In addition, the micro-hardness of ARB processed Al–SiCnano-composite increased by increasing cycle number. Keywords - Accumulative roll bending, Metal matrix nanocomposites, Pitting corrosion, Wear, Aluminium.