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Production Method and Microstructure Investigations of Functionally Graded SiC Reinforced Layered Metal Matrix Composite

In this study, the production steps determined to make the production of functional graded metal matrix composite (FGMLC) more economical and practical are listed. Firstly, by mixing casting method, molten Al 7039 matrix material was reinforced with 3%, 5%, 7% by weight of SiC particles and then 7 MPa pressure was applied to specially prepared die cast material. The surface of the obtained 6 mm thick aluminum metal matrix composite (AMMC) was cleaned and placed in another mold by placing side by side without using any adhesive. In the mold placed in the annealing furnace, the three plates were joined by applying pressure at the time of beginning of liquefaction of MMCs. Firstly, about 60% of the thickness of the produced material was subjected to hot forging and subsequent homogenization heat treatment. Finally, FGMLC production is completed by the aging heat treatment applied. The application is presented with microstructure studies. Key words - AMMC, FGMLC production