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The Use of Analytical Hierarcial Process to Select the Material for Heatsink Devices used in Microelectronic

In this study, the analytical hierarchical process (AHP) is used to find the best material for making heatsink devices used in microelectronic and labtops. The model is built using five criteria, including: thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient, electrical resistance, modulus of elasticity, cost, and density. Aluminum, copper, Al 5050-O , beryllium S-65 C, and aluminum nitiride were used as alternatives to select among them. The results show that aluminum is the best material for this application owing to its low density, low cost, and acceptable thermal conductivity. Both inconsistency and sensitivity analysis were done and showed that model is robust. Keywords: Analytical Hierarchal Process (AHP), Material selection, Heatsink, Microelectronic, Labtop