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Assessment of Stress Reduction Techniques in an Uniaxially Loaded Plate with a Hole

Stress concentration in a rectangular plate with central hole under static loading, have found widespread applications in various fields of engineering such as Aerospace, Marine and Automobile. For design of plates with hole, accurate knowledge of deflection and stress are required. Stress concentration arises from abrupt change in geometry of plate under static loading. As a result, stress distribution is not uniform throughout the cross section. Various stress reduction techniques are available to determine stress concentration factor under different loading conditions such as experimental, analytical and numerical method. Though experimental methods give the most reliable results, it is very costly, as it requires special equipments, testing facilities etc. Analytical solution of every problem is almost impossible because of complex boundary conditions and shapes. For this reason the numerical methods had become the ultimate choice by the researchers in the last few decades. In the present paper an attempt has been made to review various stress reduction techniques. Index Terms - Stress Concentration Factor, Auxiliary Holes.