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Comparison of Mechanical Properties of UNS C12200Joints Brazed by (Cu &Ag) Based Filler Metals

Seamless Copper Tubes grade UNS C12200 used in medical applications were brazed by Copper and Silver – based filler metals to compare the tensile strength and hardness of the brazed joints and to determine the best filler metal alloy to be used in the medical applications. First, the copper tubes were taken from the Zawia Hospital and chemically analyzed. The results of chemical analysis satisfy the EN BS EN 13348. The copper tubes were cut and brazed using RBCuZnAl, BCuP2 & BAg2 filler metals. The brazed joints were tested using tensile and hardness tests and the results showed that the brazed joint by BCuP2 is the hardest joint which make it prone to stress corrosion cracking. While the joint brazed by the filler metal RBCuZnAl has the highest tensile strength and toughness which make it more desirable in medical applications as it can stand the pressure passing through the copper tubes. Keywords - Welding, Brazing, Copper tubes, Joints.