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Designing of Natural Air Conditioning System

The present research is on designing of novel air conditioning system using natural sources of coolness for desert, rural as well as urban areas. The modes of airflow taken are natural, by natural wind and buoyancy effects. The systems considered and designed is with regards to in hot/arid and in hot/humid climates during summer season. Varying time period ranges are selected during peak summer viz. May and June months and the temperatures of window, room and testing chamber / cube was measured with digital thermometer. A reduction of 9 to 10°C temperature is seen with use of water and a reduction of 10 to 12°C temperature is seen with use of water and calcium oxide i.e. calcium hydroxide solution. Cooling effect is increased with calcium hydroxide. The principle used in cooling is evaporative cooling, which is synonymous to natural pot cooling, where heat and mass transfer takes place. It is also aimed to further reduce to another 10 °C, by further magnifying heat and mass transfer. It can be concluded that through natural air-conditioning system, thermal comfort can be maintained for buildings occupants with substantial savings in the total energy consumption, and a significant reduction in the peak electric power requirements.