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Study on Heat Dissipation of Thermal Fabrics under Different Warm-Keeping Covers

Precise temperature control is important in thermal textiles. As the cover on the thermal textiles can greatly affect the heat dissipation and further change the temperature control. However, the traditional thermal theory about mere heat dissipation cannot be applied directly to the latest active thermal and wearable textiles and there is no relevant reference as well. Therefore, the effect of covers on temperature control of the thermal fabric is explored when different numbers of covers are applied in this study. Thus changing the material or the number of the covers on the thermal fabric becomes a new and effective way to adjust temperature for thermal textiles. This research work shows promising application in some extreme environment where increasing electrical power input to achieve expected temperature is not a perfect solution. Moreover, it is found that the thermal resistance of a fabric cover measured by the thermal conductivity tester machine can directly be applied to predict the actual situation during heating process when thermal resistance of the fabric cover is not too big, which can makes the fabric selecting process more efficient and help the factories save much time. Keywords - Covers, Temperature Control, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Resistance