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Design and Analysis of EOT Girder Crane Spur Gear

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) Crane is one of the essential industrial equipment for material handling. Generally structural component are subjected to complex loadings in their working life and cost of the material handling equipment is depend on the weight of the material. The weight reduction has been increased that motivate me to work on optimal design of electric overhead travelling crane gear. Design optimization is performed using detailed 3D finite element method of analysis by changing the geometry parameters to control any possible Structural failure and introduce a new gear material for gear. EN32, 20MnCr5 is selected for suitability analysis, light weight and for safe stress and deflection. In this paper, bending stress and torsion stresses analysis is performed, while trying to design spur gears to resist bending failure of the teeth, as it affects transmission error. First, the finite element models and solution methods needed for the accurate calculation of bending stresses is determined. A simple procedure has been introduced to optimize various parameters of the spur gear and then comparing the analysis results with the analytically results. Keywords - EOT Girder Crane, Spur Gear, Optimization-Structural Topology and Shape, EN32A and 20MnCr5.