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Control Parameters Optimization of CNC Machined En41b Steel using Grey Relational Analysis

In the present study, the performance parameters of CNC milling process are to be evaluated to achieve the feasibility in machining of nitride steel En41b which is extensively used in applications that required excellent resistance to wear and abrasion, e.g., connecting rods, small extruders, valve stems, dies, and gears. It includes the determination of the optimal levels of the process parameters for CNC machining process using grey relational analysis. Taguchi’s signal-to-noise ratio and grey relational analysis were applied in this work to improve the multi-response characteristics such as MRR and surface finish on En41b steel and the optimum combination of control parameters such as spindle speed, feed rate and depth of cut were obtained. Keywords - CNC Milling, En41b, GRA, MRR, Surface Finish, Parameter Optimization.