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Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Piston Geometry by using Wood Pyrolysis Oil Blends with Diesel

Wood Pyrolysis oil has been provided as an alternative fuel to petroleum fuel in diesel engine. The wood pyrolysis oil has the poor properties i.e., low energy density, high acidity, high viscosity and low cetane number. The effect of air swirl in the cylinder due to the modification of piston. The wood pyrolysis oil and diesel blends. Have been investigated under different load conditions. This intensification of swirl is done by the making of V-grooves on the piston bowl and the making of holes with slots on the piston crown. Experiments are conducted and meserved the performance and emission of wood pyrolysis oil blends with diesel at different proportions are compared with the normal piston of 4-stroke water cooled diesel engine. The performances parameters are BP, SFC and thermal efficiency are calculated based on experimental analysis are improved. Emissions parameter are CO, UBHC, NOx and smoke are eradicated. Keywords - Wood Pyrolysis Oil, Piston Geometry, Air Swirl, V-Grooves, Brake Thermal Efficiency.