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Harvesting Energy from Sea Waves using Piezoelectric Transducer

Energy harvesting has been under great attention over the last decades. For reducing power requirement of small electronic devices, many researches have been done in this field. This is the process of capturing and accumulating energy as a form of energy that we would be able to store for a period of time and conditioning it into a form that can be used later such as operating a microprocessor. Energy harvested is usable for both low-voltage and low-power applications in a wide range of portable or mobile markets such as medical and also using for back up batteries. We also know this process as energy scavenging. Capturing residual energy like a natural environmental phenomenon or industrial process and is therefore considered "free energy." More often than not, this residual energy is released into the environment as waste. The project that is the main subject of this paper can be taken as an example of the wasted energy in the nature that would be good source for energy harvesting. This paper is going to focus on the mechanical energy provided by sea waves and then transforms by piezoelectric material to electrical voltage and finally stored. There are different sources we would be able t o use but most of them provide energy in very small packets that have been previously difficult if not nearly impossible to capture for use. Nowadays Energy-harvesting opportunities are being enabled by new circuits that can capture and store these small energy packets and convert them into useful output [1].