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Improvement of Tin Oxide Structural Properties under Annealing Treatment

This paper presents the spherical joint model for rigid-flexible multibody dynamics system. In analysis of unified global coordinate system frame, a new concept that is elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubricated spherical joint model for flexible multibody dynamics has been introduced in this paper. A new and further development of algorithms which is based on multigrid (multi-level) techniques has been developed in this research. The result obtained from the proposed algorithms is simple, effective and efficient than the previous one for elastohydrodynamically lubricated (EHL) point contact problems. The effect of clearance size of spherical joint is also worthy for investigation, especially the coupling effect of clearance size, flexibility & friction. Our main objective of this work is to increase life of spherical joints by the means of reducing friction & increase the flexibility that is bending stiffness and bending capacity of joints. Keywords - Elastohdrodynamic (EHD), Spherical Joints Bending Stiffness, Bending Capacity, Clearance Size.