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Multi-Phase Steel Alloyed by Copper and Produced by Controlled Rolling

Dual- and multi-phase steels are widely studied and used class of steel mainly due to their outstanding combination of strength and plasticity. Their microstructure consists of ferrite and martensite in case of dual-phase steels. There can also be bainite or retained austenite present in the structure and therefore “multi -phase steel” term is used. Yield strength of these material is determined by the softest constituent of their structure – the free ferrite. This article describes formation of multi-phase structure in low-alloyed steel with addition of Cu. The Cu is able to precipitate within the ferrite matrix and to cause significant strengthening. The strengthening of the ferrite proved to be an effective way to increase the YS of the material. Keywords - Low Ally Steel, Copper Precipitation, Multi-Phase Steel, Strengthening.