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An Effective Strategy for Easy and Rapid Sensing of Arsenic (Iii) in using Thiol Functionalized Gold Nanorod

Thioctic acid (TA) functionalized gold nanorod (GNR) is developed as a sensor for rapid and highly sensitive detection of AsIII at very low concentration in water and on paper substrate. GNR@TA sensor is synthesized by simple chemical conjugation of gold nanorod with thioctic acid. GNR@TA shows visible color change in presence of AsIII in solution and on paper strip, because of aggregation of nanorods. This method for arsenic sensing is highly selective and showed a detection limit of ~1.0 ppb. Sensing of arsenic is also carried on paper strip suggesting usefulness of sensor under field-test mode for arsenic sensing Keywords - Gold Nanorod, Thioctic Acid, Sensor, Arsenic, Detection.