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Parametric Optimization Of CNC Wire Cut EDM For OHNS Steel Using Moora Methodology

The selection of optimum machining condition, during wire electric discharge machining process, is of great concern in manufacturing industries these days the increasing quality demands, at higher productivity levels, require the wire electrical discharge machining process to be executed more efficiently. Specifically, the MRR needs to be maximized while controlling the surface quality. In this study oil harden non- shrinking (OHNS) steel is used as a work piece, brass wire of diameter 0.25 mm used as a tool and distilled water is used as a dielectric fluid. For experimentation Taguchi’s Lଶହorthogonal array has been used. The input parameters selected for optimization are wire tension, wire feed rate, flushing pressure, servo feed rate. by using parametric optimization technique, MOORA method, best parametric combination is found. Keywords- MRR, SR, OHNS, MOORA Method.