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Drop Calorimetric Measurements of IN-SN System for Lead-Free Solder Applications

In this study, the mixing heat effect of molten binary In-Sn system is determined at 730, 830 and 930 K by drop calorimeter over the entire range of indium. Dropping element was dropped by an automated motorized dropping device. Subsequently for Calibration of calorimeter four pieces of α-Al2O3 were dropped at the dropping temperature. The mixing heat effect (enthalpy of mixing) were plotted against In composition and found exothermic in nature for all the compositions. A significant minimum enthalpy of mixing was observed at Xin ~0.65. A slight temperature dependency has been observed. Binary interaction parameter at 767, 813 and 855 K was calculated from mixing enthalpy using Redlich-Kister polynomial. The experimental values are compared with the calculated from Redlich-Kister Polynomial. They were found to be in close agreement. Keywords - In-Sn Alloys, Lead-Freesolder, Binary, Exothermic, Heat Effect, And Drop Calorimeter.